The following are just a few of the many testimonials from our happy clients.

My wife loved the shelves. She was pleasantly surprised at how neat the garage looked when she returned home.
While our new garage is smaller than our old one, we actually have more room to walk now that things are moved up off the floor. After parking my truck in the garage and stepping out, it’s a refreshing walk down the side of the garage without obstacles in the way. Once again, thanks for everything -- the shelves, cool hooks, and the great installation service!


Thanks to you and Ronald for an excellent job with my garage! I finished organizing (as well as was able to clean out an inside closet of things I can now keep in the garage), and can finally park 2 cars in my garage! I love having a garage, and being able to have good storage and room to park my cars is wonderful. I am planning on posting on facebook, as well as showing off to my neighbors!

I will be in touch in the future, as I am already making a list of other hooks I need. :)

Thanks again,
H. K. -Raleigh,NC

"Thank you very much Bob! You did a great job and it really looks great.

You are a true Craftsman and your professionalism was much appreciated.

My garage is now well organized and has that new, clean feeling which allows me to put my hands immediately on the item or tool I need.

Thanks again, and it was a nice experience."

Best regards,
John & Diane
Cary, NC

"Thanks to Monkey Bars Storage System, we have reclaimed our 2 car garage!"

Cary, NC

"I can't believe on how much storage the Monkey Bars Storage System holds. The moveable hooks and hanging bars are a true engineering miracle! I can see my garage floor and finally get my wife's car in the garage."

Holly Springs, NC