About Garaginize

Garaginize is your exclusive Monkey Bars Storage Dealer for the Triangle Area. Our dealership cover's and service's Wake, Durham, Chatham, Orange & Johnston County. We offer an extensive line of garage storage products for all your home and commercial storage needs. The Monkey Bar patented garage storage solution prides itself on getting everything off the floor utilizing two simply storage principles: separating long-term storage(items you may use a few times a year like HOLIDAY DECORATIONS, KEEPSAKES, PERSONAL RECORDS and/or VACATION ITEMS-these items are typically scattered around the garage floor!) from short-term storage(garden tools, bicycles, folding chairs, kids toys, etc) on our patented garage shelving and rack system. Here is the best part in working with Garaginize, once we install the Monkey Bars Storage System, we will organize your garage for free and all your everyday items will be within your reach and neatly stored. So call us today at (919) 434-0701 or fill out our contact form to get your no obligation free estimate. With a quick phone call or email we'll have you organized before your know it!

Here is just one of our satisfied clients raving about the Monkey Bars Storage System:
"I can't believe on how much storage the Monkey Bars Storage System holds. The moveable hooks and hanging bars are a true engineering miracle! I can see my garage floor and finally get my wife's car in the garage."KM-Holly Springs, NC

The name of our garage shelving system, Monkey Bars®, is based on a revolutionary design using quality steel coupled with unique engineering. The foundation for the system is a simple, steel triangular bracket, which can be mounted to wood studs, metal framing, concrete, or even brick. From here, the system is divided into two levels. The top level is a shelf made of thick melamine, a product that combines strength with a clean, attractive appearance. Since most of our shelves are supported by the triangular bracket, you can be assured that there are no bars or supports that will obstruct or prevent you from storing the maximum amount on one shelf. The one exception to this is our inverted shelf, which is designed to hang above doors and windows.

The second level in our system is the rack. Racks are formed by connecting adjustable bars to the previously installed triangular bracket. With the adjustable bar in place we add removable hooks of different varieties, which can hold everything from rakes and shovels to skis and bikes. Since the hooks are removable, you have the added advantage of changing your layout at anytime.

As you can see, our system is not only simple, but easy to install--which means that we can be in and out of your garage in a matter of hours. In fact, for an average system of 24' of shelving, we can revolutionize your garage in only a few hours!

One of the greatest aspects of our system is the sheer quality of our materials. We are so committed to this that we offer a lifetime warranty on all of our products. If anything is damaged or worn from normal use, we'll replace it…free of charge. We do this because we have spent years testing and retesting the products we use to make our shelving, pushing the limits of weight capacity, endurance, and versatility. While we continue to search for better methods, we are very pleased with Monkey Bars® ability to handle just about anything that your storage needs can dish out. How much can it hold? For every 4 feet of shelving you can store up to 900 lbs. That's 225 lbs per foot and over 5000 lbs for a 24' system! Rest assured, we thought of you and all your storage when we made Monkey Bars.

Home garage storage systems sacrifice strength and efficiency for attractiveness, or vice versa. Fortunately, we've tried to break from this tradition and offer a strong system that doesn't look like an added mess to an already cluttered garage. As mentioned before, our shelves are made of melamine, which makes them easy to keep clean. Additionally, all of our products are powder coated, which not only adds extra life to our system, but also eliminates the cold, metallic look of many other garage storage products. So, not only will your entire garage look less cluttered, but it will have a sharp, clean organization system to compliment it.